John O’Shea is a UK based artist working with unconventional materials and social structures to create new and experimental approaches to art-making.

His works bring together cultural phenomena such as law, biological science, the food industry, sport, infrastructure and emerging technology. He uses art as a tool to make unlikely scenarios manifest as concrete reality and works across many media forms to reveal hidden stories about the world in which we live.

Five years ago he founded The Meat Licence Proposal – an organisation working towards the collaborative development of a new kind of law requiring consumers to have direct engagement with the slaughter of animals before they can purchase meat.

During 2011/12 he worked in residence with the Clinical Engineering Research Unit at the University of Liverpool on a Wellcome Trust supported project Pigs Bladder Football – growing a football from living animal cells – for Abandon Normal Devices as part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

His work was showcased during 2012 at Stroom Den Haag, Netherlands, where he also presented his newest culinary invention Black Market Pudding – a traditional blood-sausage made with the blood of a live pig. In 2010 he completed an AHRC Research Project at Newcastle University’s Culture Lab, where he proposed and prototyped new kinds of technological ‘interface’ between citizens and the law.

In 2010 he initiated the Open Source Swan Pedalo and has led on a number of collaborative projects working at the intersection of art, people and technology.